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3 months
60 months
Monthly repayment is calculated using an effective interest rate of 8.00%-27.00% APR and it is for reference only. Should any disputes arise, Cash Square reserves its absolute right on the final loan decision.

Monthly Repayment



Traditional Financial Institution
Cash Square Online Loan
Manually Approval and Response
Wait for manual approval and customer service to call and confirm loan offer with 3-7 days
Faster approval
Instant approval
We use data analysis to deliver an automated borrowing process.
High Operation Cost with Low Transparency
Traditional Money Lenders usually opersters branches, and such costs are likely to be passed to you by charging a higher interest rate. They charge penalty on early settlements.
Lower Interest Rate
No Branch, High Transparency
We don't have any branches, and operate a purely online business. By keeping the costs low, We can provide lower interest rate to you. No hidden charges and fees attached to our loan products.
Manully Approval and Disbursement
You are required to bring all your documents and visit the branch to sign the contract in person.
Approval and Disbursement
In-App confirmation
Simply just confim in APP. No branch visits needed. Get the money as fast as 15 minutes with designated bank.

Loan Steps

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Complete the form
Submit an application online by filling out the form to know your preliminary approved credit limit
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Submit your documents
Submit your documents via website / app
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Application approval
Once all documents have been submitted, we will proceed with the final phase of application. Upon approval, cash will be transferred to your designated account

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